In "PICK YOUR TEAM" aka "PYT" breaks the purchaser of each team will receive the cards pulled from that break for their purchased team. 

In "PICK YOUR COLOR" aka "PYC" breaks the purchaser of each color or parallel spot will receive the cards pulled from that break that match their purchased color/parallel. On some occasions, the card manufacturer will not release their checklist until after the product releases. While we do our best to create spots for all "colors," there may be rare instances where we do not include colors from that product. Conversely, there may be instances where colors included in the break, are not in the product. In either case, SDSC will not issue any credits or refunds. As such, we recommend our PYC customers to review each product set before purchasing. 

In "RANDOM TEAM" aka "RT" breaks, you will receive the cards pulled from the break for the team(s) that are randomly assigned to you using or similar. 

When you participate in any of our breaks, and just like opening your own sealed products--there is no direct or indirect guarantee that our breaks will produce any specific card(s) for you. With your purchase, you agree to all of our BREAK RULES discussed herein as well as the full terms of service on our site.

For all breaks, individual player cards go to the professional team named on the card (regardless of the jersey or if they have since been traded or retired); Dual player cards with a rookie and vet will go to the team of the rookie; Dual player cards with multiple active vets or rookies will be resolved via randomization. Promo cards from the card manufacturer do not belong to any teams unless we state otherwise. In the event there is any other discrepancy or uncertainty related to the ownership of a card, we will make our best efforts to determine the owner fairly--and have the ultimate say. Any cards that you choose to not have shipped to you are donated to charities or local kids. We are not responsible for cards damaged during production by the card manufacturer. Due to the heavy lead times and intricacies of submitting for replacement cards from the manufacturer, we currently cannot offer this service. If you are ever left out of a break spot that you paid for, you will be refunded or credited the amount that you paid within 48 hours of it being brought to our attention. 
If internet connection is lost during a live break, we will pause all break activities until connection is restored. We do our best to communicate the expected dates our breaks will occur. However, when a break is not filled, it will take place once it is filled (i.e. sold out) on our next scheduled break night. While we generally break every Tuesday-Friday & Sundays, we may occasionally break on other nights as well. All statements related to product contents are based on the card manufacturer's on-box statements which are based on their advertised "averages". Photos used to display available breaks for sale are for display and may not represent the exact box opened during that break. 
Please be sure to review our shipping schedules and policies, as well as our full T&Cs here.
Our final and the most important rule--ONLY BRING GOOD VIBES TO THE BREAK AND HAVE FUN!