Consign With Us


HOW IT WORKS: Applies to individual cards pulled by us during our breaks with a market value > $50.

  1. Email us at and name the card you wish to consign.
  2. Fill out this form prior to your card being shipped to you. 
  3. Within 48 hours, we will take high-res, quality photos of your card and list it for sale on eBay.
  4. Once sold and payment clears, your card will be securely shipped to its buyer.
  5. Within 4 days of the card being delivered, you will be issued a store credit = 100% of the sales price net of all ebay fees/shipping.
  6. Alternatively, you can cash out your consignment store credit within 10 days of receiving it for a 9% fee or $18, whichever is greater. 


  • You consign the card with us and it sells on eBay for $200. 
  • After fees, the net sale = $170. 
  • We will send you $170 in store credit. Within 10 days, you may also cash out your store credit and receive $152 ($170 - $18). 


  • You'll be able to more quickly sell cards leveraging a TOP SELLER Rated eBay account! 
  • We are experts at taking the best photos, timing auctions & safely packaging cards for transit.
  • You can get 100% of your net card sales in break credits or cash out at a reasonable rate. 


  1. Only cards pulled by us during one of our breaks & in our possession qualify. We reserve the right to refuse consignment of any card.
  2. Once a card has been submitted to us for consignment, it must be sold on eBay and cannot be unlisted and shipped to you. 
  3. As discussed in the Consignment Form, you may elect to have your card listed as a "Buy it Now" instead of Auction. All "But it Now" listings will convert to auctions if they are not sold within 7 days. 
  4. All auctions will be 5 or 7 day listings, selected by us at our discretion. We choose our listing lengths based on our experience of what will yield the highest ROI.  
  5. Shill bidding is strictly prohibited. If we identify that you or related parties are shill bidding your card, we will de-list it, charge you a $30 fee and ship you your card once we receive payment.  
  6. Store credit from consignments will only be issued after all of the following occur: (A) The consigned card has sold on eBay; (B) eBay buyer pays & payment clears; (C) USPS has confirmed delivery of the consigned card; (D) 3 business days pass from delivery which confirms the buyer will not attempt to return the card for a refund.
  7. Store credit from consignments will be issued as SD REWARD BUCKS or a store gift card at our discretion. 
  8. Store credit from consignments may only be cashed out if done so within 10 days of receiving such credit, the credit hasn't been spent and the request for such cash out is made in writing to
  9. Consignment cash outs will be made via electronic payment. 
  10. We are not responsible for cards lost or damaged during USPS transit. Insurance and signature confirmation will be added to our consignment sales (and deducted from the new sale) at our sole discretion.